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We are in the advertising business and have developed an effective and innovative advertising concept.

Players put absolutely NO money down -- They really DO play for FREE. 

Players will play longer and bet more at YOUR Sportsbook because it's FREE -- and you get a percentage of ALL the action. 

Our exciting FREE SPORTSBOOK will more than compete with the gambling sportsbooks that wealthy people own the licenses to. 

At your Sportsbook, players can play for FREE 24/7, anywhere there is an internet connection. They are more likely to win, they will find a wider variety of exciting options, and even non-sports fans can play cool games and win cash.

Your Sportsbook is highly lucrative with much better chances of winning than traditional Sportsbooks.

YOUR Sportsbook will be a favorite for all sports fans.



What Does It Cost?

There are two payment options available:

  • The cost is only $150 per month for the 1st year, which includes all expenses.


  • $1500 upfront plus a discounted expense rate of only $150 per month, which does not start until we launch. 


Starting the second year all owners will pay $150 per month for expenses.


Limited Sportsbooks

We make our money selling advertising, and demand for this type of advertising is such that we need all the ad views we can get.  

The market is only so large, which is why we have a strict limit on the number of Sportsbooks for sale in the US.

We provide everything but the players -- that will be your part.

  • hosting
  • domain name
  • maintenance
  • payouts to all your winners
  • providing exciting monthly contests
  • paying all expenses
Authentic Tradition

How Much Can You Make?

With just 1000 average players participating in all 5 aspects of your Sportsbook, you would rake in over $56K annually, and because of the unique nature of the design, you make money if your players win OR lose.

Your Sportsbook will offer a variety of options for all sports fans, including

  • The Free Racebook,
  • Handicapping Contests for all sports,
  • Live Wagers on any sport,
  • brackets to the NCAA men's and women's basketball championships,
  • and my favorite sports game, Survivor.

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All Plans Include

  • Domain name
  • Hosting
  • Maintenance
  • Paymouts to all your winners
  • Exciting new contests monthly
  • All expenses paid

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